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    Featured Product – Twin Turning Sling

    6th November 2018

    Twin Turning sling – for turning to lateral position

    The Guldmann Twin Patient Turner is an inexpensive yet valuable aid for turning immobile patients in bed. It works on a similar principle to the standard Guldmann Patient Turner which is inserted by simply sliding the turner underneath the patient. Using the unique design this requires minimal effort. Once under the patient, the turner is then connected to the bedframe on the far side of the patient using the strong velcro straps The sling is used in conjunction with the hoist, to turn the user and position them on to their side avoiding unnecessary strain to the care provider.

    The sling makes it possible to turn the user from side to side without removing the sling from under the user. It can assist to fit a general sling without having to manually roll or otherwise move the user. The turning sling has a relatively small surface, which facilitates any examination, care and treatment to the user’s skin.

    Aiding single handed care

    The twin patient turner is a fantastic aid where only a single carer is available.. One carer can apply the turner, and once the patient has been turned, they are supported in the turner enabling the carer to change pads, apply a sling or change the bedsheet.

    Easy to use, clean and maintain

    The twin turner is constructed from highly durable polyester woven fabric, and can be washed at up to 80°c to avoid cross infection risks. It features a woven label that will not wear out, and the straps are hard wearing for longevity. The unique polyester fabric has low friction properties, acting in the same way as a slide sheet.


    The twin turning sling has a lifting capacity of 255 kg.


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