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    Active Micro Plus Sling – Facilitating everyday care procedures

    1st November 2018

    Popular toileting sling – Facilitating everyday care procedures

    The Guldmann Active Micro Plus sling is the ideal toileting sling for users who require access to the toilet and/or commode.

    Manufactured from a hard wearing polyester fabric, with a very low friction surface to make application and retrieval easier, it combines support with comfort, enabling the sling to be used for a range of persons, who may struggle with traditional toileting slings.

    Featuring a unique elastic chest strap, that tightens as the body extends, there is no loss of support, and this combines with the non slip panel in the back of the sling to provide excellent support, even for users with limited upper body strength.

    Ease of use

    With it’s supportive and padded legs this versatile sling is easy to apply and retrieve, and the structure of the sling means that it stays flat underneath the users legs, increasing comfort, and decreasing pressure and shear. The high quality polyester woven fabric glides into position with minimum effort, making putting the sling on and taking it off easy for the carer and comfortable for the user.

    Support and Comfort combined

    Padded arm supports combined with a large backrest area on the sling means that the Active Micro Plus offers fantastic support for users with decreasing upper body strength. The chest strap is a dual fasten stretch fabric, which can be removed for washing. It is also available to purchase separately if required. A large, comfortable non slip panel in the back of the sling ensures users do not pull through, and preventing damage to the shoulders.

    Capacity and sizing

    The Active Micro Plus has a lifting capacity of up to 255 kg. It is available in a range of sizes from Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. It can be washed in temperatures of up to 80° c.

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