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    How to ensure a successful patient hoist installation – Part 3 – The Installation

    15th October 2018

    Patient hoist installations – Part 3 – The Installation

    Ceiling hoist track installation – Once the quotation and specification (see Part 2 https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/ceiling-hoist-price/ ) has been accepted, the exciting part starts – The Installation!

    However, before installation begins, there are still some important steps to be undertaken. Read on to find out more……

    1. Planning – Ceiling hoist track installation

    Planning of any ceiling hoist installation is very important and it is vital that the installer understands any installation constraints that there may be, such as:

    • Is the room(s) occupied?
    • Are there restricted hours that work can be carried out in the room or on the site?
    • Are there any other constraints (e.g. noise constraints)?

    All of the above will impact the installation, and planning ahead to take these into account is of all importance.

    If the hoist is to be installed in a clients home, we recognise that having workmen in your house is not ideal! you will receive a friendly courteous service from our engineers, and our motto is ‘Treat the customers house as though it was your own’.

    2. Health and Safety

    Health and Safety is also a key consideration; any installation must be planned, risk assessed and carried out with safety in mind, reducing any potential risks to the client and also the operatives.

    • The Risk Assessment covers all the risks and special considerations. It will details any hazards that have been identified, and specify the measures undertaken to reduce risk from these hazards. It should also specify any tools, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that should be used.
    • The Method Statement details the step by step installation process – this should be detailed, and cover all anticipated operations.
    • Qualifications operatives should be trained in the specific trade and also have suitable qualifications such as
      • SSP (Site Safety Plus)
      • SSSTS (Supervisors Site Safety Training Scheme)
      • Ladder qualifications
      • IPAF
      • PASMA

    Once all these documents have been prepared, the installation can take place.

    3. Other considerations

    Installations should be well planned and measures taken to reduce dust, noise and other harmful factors. With installations in environments that are occupied for example a school or a care home care home etc it is key that considerations are made for the occupants or residents that may be affected.

    This should be covered in the Method Statement mentioned above in point 2. For the duration of the installation there is need to liaise with other parties – for example, with the client and also with other trades that may be working on the site or in the same area as the hoist install. With good practice in mind, the covering and protection of surfaces is important to avert any unexpected damage and a thorough clean following completion of the installation is essential.

    4. Commissioning and Training

    Once the installation is completed the commissioning of the equipment should take place. The commissioning includes using weights and all hoisting systems are tested to one and a half times the rated capacity.

    following successful commissioning, the installation can be signed off and the users shown how to safely operate the equipment. Training on the use of the hoist is crucial to ensure not only user but also carer safety. Misuse of equipment and lack of moving and handling knowledge can lead to accidents and even fatalities, and a well planed and delivered training session will help prevent this.

    Stay tuned in – we will be publishing a specific blog on training as Part 4 of our guide on ‘How to achieve a successful hoist installation’.

    See more information on Moving and Handling https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/moving-and-handling-training-help-is-at-hand/

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