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    How to ensure a successful patient hoist installation – Part 2 – The quote and specification

    8th October 2018

    Patient hoist installations – Part 2 – The quote and specification

    Once the initial survey has been completed (See Part 1 of this series https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/patient-hoist-installations-2/), the next part is to get a ceiling hoist price!

    A detailed quote and specification should be prepared, and this is a very important document, as it enables the user, healthcare professionals and other interested parties to check that their needs have been interpreted correctly, and that the proposal will fully meet their requirements.

     1 – The specification

    The specification will include important items such as:

    1. The safe working load (SWL) of the hoisting system. Will the standard 200kg be sufficient, or will extra capacity be required?
    2. How will the hoist charge? The constant charge type hoists are recommended for situations where there are multiple users of the same hoist, this design means that no matter where the hoist is left on the ceiling track it will continue to charge the main unit. The other charge type is via the handset which includes a wall mounted docking station.
    3. The type of spreader bar is also specified if it for loop slings or clip slings. Additionally can any manufacturers slings be used with the hoist and spreader bar, or are you limited to one or two manufacturers?
    4. A brief description of the layout – this should indicate the main transfers points, the areas of the room that will be covered and any other considerations.

    3 – Other works

    It is important that you understand any other works that may need to be undertaken that are not included within the scope of the installation. This may include items such as

    • Electrical supply
    • altering doorways
    • Structural works

    Whether they are the responsibility of the hoist installer, or the client, it is vital that everybody knows who is doing what to ensure a smooth installation.

    2  – The drawing

    A detailed drawing is essential so that everyone involved is perfectly clear as to where the hoist is going to be installed and which areas are going to be covered by the hoisting system. Other things to be considered are the transfer points, if all areas of the room are covered as per the requirements, is there sufficient room and have all possible obstructions been taken into account. It is also important to have clearly identified the source and location of the electrical supply for the system.

    3 – The investment (sometimes referred to as cost)

    You will receive a very transparent quotation showing you very clearly everything that is included and  ensuring that you are aware of anything that may not be included in the final price. This will ensure that there are no nasty surprises at any point further down the line, enabling you to budget confidently and accurately.

    It is also important to consider the VAT, in some cases the individual and the product are eligible for VAT exemption. There are certain conditions that must be met for this exemption, see the following link for more details: https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/disability-vat-relief/

    You will also benefit from a list of optional extras separate from the main price so that you are very clear about  what extras are available and any associated costs.

    4 – The warranty

    Along with the quotation we will clarify the product warranty, this will include what is covered and warranty length of the different components included as part of the installation.  We only work with high quality brands and products so offer impressive warranties giving you total peace of mind.

    Our experience with patient hoist installations

    As important as the initial survey experience in hoist installation is also key.

    See more as to installations we have completed in the Royal Festival Hall at the SouthBank Centre in London:   https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/changing-places-changing-live/ 

    Also at the Gloucester University:  https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/another-successful-installation/

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