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    Sling Assessments for SEN Schools and Mainstream Education

    4th October 2018

    Successful hoisting of students or children

    When hoisting, choosing the correct sling is very important for a safe, and comfortable transfer and dedicated sling assessments are key to the success of hoisting.  The correct choice of sling design, size, and fabric is critical to ensure comfort and safety for the user. An inadequate sling assessment could result in an incorrect sling being specified leading to user discomfort, or even worse injury.

    Factors to consider

    • What is the size of the person or child involved? Are they very small, or very slender?
    • Skin integrity – do they have fragile skin, are they at risk of developing pressure ulcers.
    • Uncontrolled movements – do they have uncontrolled movements, or do they go into extension?
    • Use of the sling – Is it being used for bed to chair, chair to bed, bathing. Does it need to be used for lifting from the floor?
    • Fabric – standard polyester, in situ spacer fabric or does it need to be suitable for bathing?
    • Compatibility with hoisting system – What hoist is in use, is it clip or loop attachments.

    Implications of incorrect sling specifications

    The consequence of using incorrect slings ranges from mild discomfort or indignity through tissue damage right up to even injury or fatality. Whilst nursing or care staff are responsible for the wellbeing of the student or child, managers are also responsible to ensure the correct equipment, training and assessments are in place. Correct sling use, manual handling procedures and risk assessments are all essential to ensure successful outcomes from such transfers.

    What does the HSE say

    Health and safety legislation does NOT prohibit all moving and handling; rather it requires employers to adopt a risk management approach.  Employers need to focus on enabling, rather than prohibiting, student participation.

    See further information from the HSE , click on this link: https://www.hse.gov.uk/services/education/management-moving-handling.htm

    Sling Assessments – How we can help

    A quality sling assessment and the correct equipment are key to the safety of your staff and students, and at Multicare we have trained assessors available to carry out sling assessments and equipment prescriptions to help you in this critical area.

    At the sling assessment our assessor will

    • Ask lots of questions! This is vital to ensure that we fully understand the requirements of the user, the staff and others
    • Measure the user
    • Demonstrate samples
    • Discuss the options available
    • Following the assessment a full report will be sent with recommendations of the correct sling

    Sling Clinics for Schools

    Do you have a large number of pupils being hoisted?

    Why not book a sling clinic? One of our assessors will visit our site with a wide range of slings in different fabrics, styles and sizes enabling you to assess high number of pupils in a short time. Invite OT’s parents and carers along, and get them all on the same page about your pupils hoisting needs – call today to arrange.

    Book your Free Assessment today!

    Contact us today on 0800 298 6000 or email sales@multicaremedical.co.uk to book your free sling assessment or clinic, our assessors are here to help you!!

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