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    How to ensure a successful patient hoist installation – Part 1 – The Survey

    1st October 2018

    Patient hoist installations – Part 1 – The Initial consultation and survey

    The initial survey for any patient hoist installation is something that is often overlooked, however it is extremely important for a successful outcome. An accurate and detailed survey will enable the visual impact of the hoist to be reduced, and ensure the the needs of the user and carers are fully met. A poor survey may result in inadequate or incorrect equipment being prescribed, leading to costs and safety concerns down the line. Key areas identified at the survey include:

     1 – The User(s)

    Firstly and most importantly we look at the users of the hoist. They are the most important person(s) in the whole process, and their expectations and needs are a priority. It is important at this stage that we look at the whole person, not just the reason they require a hoist – will others be using the room, for example, will friends and family be visiting? These questions can impact the type of hoist system fitted to ensure that a solution is provided that is discreet and unobtrusive. Other questions we consider when looking at the user include.

    • What size and shape are they?
    • what ability do they have, what is level of mobility, and is it likely to improve or deteriorate
    • What is the user’s weight and is it likely to change.
    • What are the carers capabilities, how many are there and are they consistent?

    2  – Transfers

    Once we have an idea of the users condition and expectations we can then start to analyse the type and frequency of transfers that are going to take place. This may involve a discussion about best practice, how the user currently transfers and what care staff are in place and how high are their skill levels. This section gets to the real transfer needs of the users, and sometimes what they need is different to what they want!

    Questions that are typically asked at this stage include.

    • What do they need to be transferred to and from?
    • What are the user’s needs?
    • Is the user able to independently operate the hoist?
    • Are they at risk of falling?
    • Will the hoist be used for any other activities, for example gait training, turning in bed etc?

    3 – The Building

    Once we have analysed the users and their needs, it is time to look at the building and see how it can accommodate a hoist system. Withe the advent of  Wall Rail Systems and the GHZ hoist, there are very few situations where a hoist cannot be fitted. However it is important that the buildings measured carefully and any obstructions noted to avoid problems down the line.

    • What structural support is available?
    • Are the ceilings high enough?
    • Is there any presence of asbestos?
    • How can the hoist system be blended into the fabric of the building to reduce the visual impact.
    • How can future maintenance needs be made safer
    • How can risks during and after installation be minimised.

    4 – The System

    Once all the above factors have been taken into consideration, we can then look at what can actually be installed in the property. Although (almost) anything can be installed, there may be budgetary or other constraints that impact the final decision. factors to be decided at this stage may include.

    • What is the user’s budget
    • Are there any strict timelines that need to be met, for example if a patient is to be discharged from hospital on a specific date.
    • What support is available for the system?
    • How can the layout meet the users’ needs?
    • Are there any obstructions that need to be considered such as light fittings, fire sprinklers, other permanent fixtures or beams that may need to be worked around?

    Our Experience with patient hoist installations

    As important as the initial survey, experience in hoist installation is also key.

    See more as to installations we have completed in the Royal Festival Hall at the SouthBank Centre in London:   https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/changing-places-changing-live/ 

    Also at the Gloucester University:  https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/another-successful-installation/

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