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    Use of mobile hoists in hospitals and care environments

    27th September 2018

    Use of mobile hoists in hospitals and care environments

    With the use of hoists becoming an integral part of delivering health and social care services. The musculoskeletal injury to carers has been reduced, and the efficient use of staff resources increased which is why they are so popular in many different care environments. Consequently, hoists have been integrated into many moving and handling applications.

    Selection of equipment

    The right selection of hoisting equipment can reduce the number of staff required for many tasks and more importantly reduce physical loading on the carer/s however the selection of the wrong equipment drastically increases the risks of injury both to the patient and to the carer.

    Hidden Costs of injury

    The rate of musculoskeletal injury in the healthcare industry is a shocking 1600 per 100,000 workers! And the cost and implications of back injuries to staff can be considerable.  Not only is there sick pay (which could go on for a considerable period of time) but also the costs of temporary staff, disruption and even potential litigation.  Even worse, if a patient was injured, how would this affect them and how would it impact the organisations reputation? Cases of injury also impose ‘human’ costs (in terms of the impact on the individual’s quality of life, associated distress, and, for fatal injuries, loss of life), as well as the ‘financial’ costs.

    Introducing  the Hero mobile hoist  

    We believe that our hoists are heroes hence the name “HERO HOISTS”

    The Hero comes in 3 sizes making them suitable for every application. The MaxiHero offers an impressive lifting height capability, while the MediHero offers excellent all round capabilities. The MiniHero is perfect for smaller rooms and compact environments.

    The safe working load (SWL) of these hoists ranges from 135 kg (21 stone) to 175 kg (27 1/2 stone)

    In addition to being strong and silent , as a result of its high quality Linak motors the Hero will serve you for many years due to its exceptionally ridged steel frame and quality components.

    The Hero range is backed by an impressive 5 year structural warranty and a 2 year warranty on all castors and electrical parts.

    For more information visit the website https://www.herohoists.co.uk/

    Buy a Hero mobile hoist now!

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    MaxiHero 175 Mobile Hoist

    MediHero 150 Mobile Hoist

    MiniHero135 Mobile Hoist

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