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    Basin Options for Changing Places Toilets

    21st September 2018

    Basin Options for Changing Places Toilets

    When working with a customer on Changing Places schemes, we are often asked the question What are the basin options for Changing Places?. The answer is quite a lot! The final specification of the basin will depend on a number of factors, including

    • Budget
    • Space
    • Services available
    • Anticipated users

    What does the Changing Places campaign say about basins?

    Whilst Changing Places recommend an adjustable height washbasin, it is not a necessity, a fixed height version is acceptable, providing it is at the correct height, of sufficient size and a wheelchair user can access it.

    The Changing Places text states that

    “A washbasin needs to be provided in a Changing Places toilet. The washbasin should have clear knee space below the bowl, to allow a wheelchair user to comfortably use it. 

    It is recommended that the basin is installed 720-740mm above the floor.

    A fixed washbasin can be installed in a Changing Places, but we do recommend a height adjustable model is provided.”

    (Source: https://www.changing-places.org/install_a_toilet/equipment/wash_basin.aspx)

    Fixed height washbasins for Changing Places

    When considering fixed height washbasins for Changing Places, it is important not to get confused with Doc M basins for disables toilets. Doc M basins are small handwash basins, that sit to the side of a toilet that the user can access whilst sitting on the toilet. This type of basin, whilst ideal for a disabled toilet is not suitable for Changing Places applications as the basin is too small and not accessible for wheelchair users.

    A far better option is the Vitra S20 Accessible basin. It is a high-quality basin with a curved front to enable wheelchair access, and generous proportions for washing. The unique design enables wheelchairs user to approach, and it can be supplied with or without a tap hole.

    For more details click here https://www.vitra.co.uk/sanitaryware-seats/accessible/washbasins/s20-accessible-washbasin-60-cm-sku-5289b003-0041

    Adjustable height Basin Options for Changing Places

    When considering height adjustable basin options, there are two main considerations

    Electrical or manual height adjustment

    Electrical height adjustable versions are easy to operate and can be controlled either by a handset or a lever. The basin is wired to a permanent 240v supply with approved connection to a waterproof fused spur. This is the ultimate option as it provides flexibility, the ability to alter the height for every user without any effort on the part of the user or carer, and is simple and safe.

    The Select basin option is ideal for Changing Places as all the plumbing is concealed, and with nothing exposed there is less chance of damage or vandalism, keeping everything safe and secure.

    Click here to see the Select height adjustable basin bracket https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/product/select-height-adjustable-wash-basin/

    A manually height adjustable version operates with a gas strut, similar to that used on the boot of a car. It takes the weight of the basin, allowing for easy height adjustment. It still offers the ability to alter the height for each user, however is not as intuitive as the electrical version.

    However, the gas version is not as expensive as the electrical version, and in situations where the users are mainly adults, (e.g. Adult Day Centre) this may be a better option. If on the other hand, the basin is to be installed in a Theme park where the will be a variety of users, the electrical version is a better option.

    The importance of the correct tap

    It is very important that a TMV3 controlled water supply is fitted – this ensures that the water will not scald the user, who may have sensory impairments and not feel the temperature of the water. It is also important that long lever taps are fitted – this will enable users to independently access the basin if possible.

    Click here for details on a TMV3 long ever tap https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/product/matrix-basin-long-handled-tap/

    Infra-red control is also another excellent option, if the budget can stretch to it. Contact us for details on infra-red taps controls.

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