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    The case for Patient specific Slings

    13th September 2018

    The case for Patient Specific Slings

    Why use Patient Specific slings? Read on to find out more…

    Whilst the use of hoists and patient slings has greatly improved the quality of manual handling in hospitals, it is apparent that the use of one sling by multiple patients could lead to other health implications and often will not produce the optimum patient or economic outcome.

    Multi-user slings present risks of cross infection when users are at their most vulnerable. They are also expensive to launder and tend to get lost either on the ward or in the laundry process.

    Related risks

    It would be difficult to overstate the implications of cross-infection on the wellbeing of patients, in some cases going as far as a fatal outcome, and in addition there are the costs of treatment, hospitalisation and care. It has been calculated that every additional day in a hospital bed costs £400.00, for a patient to stay for an extra week in hospital due to an avoidable hospital acquired infection because a £12.00 sling was not used, is a waste of resources.

    The cost, inconvenience and associated risks of lost slings is also a burden to any institution or hospital.

    Guldmann Patient Specific slings – specific hygiene requirements

    The Guldmann Patient Specific sling or “disposable slings” are constructed from a special woven Polypropylene fabric designed for use multiple time. They combine safety, comfort and durability in a rugged design and are perfect for use in institutions and hospital wards.

    These slings can easily be disposed of after the patient has been discharged, or immediately after use if it has become wet and/or soiled.

    Bariatric versions

    Do you have bariatric requirements? If so read on…

    With a Safe Working Load of 350kg (55 stone) and sizes of up to 3XL, the Guldmann Patient Specific bariatric range is second to none. The slings are comfortable and easy to apply, with a large range of additional accessories available such as leg lifters, turning devices and other specialist aids.

    Am I using the correct sling?

    Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity and safety for the user and the care provider. We can conduct sling assessments and sling clinics to ensure suitability and give you peace of mind.

    Training Available

    We can also offer moving and handling training to ensure carer and nurse competency. Our portfolio of courses offer value for money together with serious practical advice.  Hands on training with scenario based outcomes ensure your staff have time to practice and develop real skills for real situations that they can use in your organisation. We have skilled trainers available, all of whom are experienced in moving and handling and are able to offer solutions to the unique challenges your staff / nurses face.

    See more on training in our latest blog: https://www.multicaremedical.co.uk/moving-and-handling-training-help-is-at-hand/ 

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