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    New Architect Ceiling Hoist CPD

    13th September 2018

    Familiar with ceiling hoists but want to know more?

    Considering all their advantages, it is to be expected that ceiling hoists are becoming more and more popular, however to achieve a successful outcome it is essential the design brief aligns exactly with the user’s needs, which may not always be apparent to the architect or designer – therefore we are pleased to launch our ceiling hoist CPD.

    Not an everyday product

    Ceiling hoists are much more than a bolt-on afterthought.  Though installed late in the project programme, they should be integrated into the building design at the earliest stage.  Users of hoists all have varying and specific needs and unless these are understood the installation will not be functional.

    No one likes nasty surprises!

    Without comprehensive knowledge of the latest innovative hoisting and moving and handling systems incorrect building layouts may be specified leading to increased costs through changes or modifications that may be needed later in the project to accommodate the hoist system.  Specifying inadequate structural support will also require costly modifications. It is possible the hoist could have an intrusive appearance causing disturbing visual impact if not integrated into the fabric of the building.  Over specification of any equipment leads to unnecessary additional costs.

    Be in the know with our ceiling hoist CPD

    Multicare RIBA Accredited CPD courses are available, advising on the integration of ceiling hoists into the building fabric – dramatically reducing the visual impact, ensuring that the correct structural support is specified and helping all involved in the design to accurately assess and validate the users requirements. There will be no need to disrupt your busy day, we provide the lunch and run the CPD course while you enjoy!!

    Take away summary

    Be able to specify and design ceiling and hoist systems that utilise the latest technology, are visually attractive, have a discreet design, are easy to maintain and fully meet the users requirements.

    Contact us today!

    Contact us today on 0800 298 6000 or email sales@multicaremedical.co.uk to book your ceiling hoist CPD.

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