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    The all new Hero mobile hoist

    26th February 2018

    Have a Hero in your home!

    At Multicare we believe hoists are Heroes! Used in countless care homes, nursing homes and hospitals across the UK, they are the unsung heroes of the caring world – saving nurses backs and making transfers safer. So when it came to naming our all new range of mobile hoists – there was only one word that would do – Hero! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Hero mobile hoist.

    3 sizes – one for every need

    What type of Hero do you need? Small but strong? – try the MiniHero, the most compact of the Hero range. With a SWL of 135kg (21 stone) it is extremely capable and  perfect for situations where space is at a premium, or for lifting children. The spreader bar goes down as low as 33cm, making it perfect for lifting from the floor.

    Need something a bit bigger?  The MediHero has a SWL of 150kg (23 ½ stone) giving a versatile yet compact hoist. It is suitable for use in most care situations and has a working height range of 34 -147cm, meaning it can lift off most beds and wheelchairs and the floor.

    Need the strongest Hero there is? You need the MaxiHero, offering an impressive lift range of 45 -159cm and a higher SWL of 175kg (27 ½ stone); even with this capacity it is still easy to move due to the high quality castors.


    Unique and innovative features

    All Hero’s are unique – especially ours. They have cleverly designed features that will make them work harder, last longer and easier to use.

    Internal mechanism

    The leg spreading device is within the chassis of the hoist, reducing the risk of it getting damaged and reducing the footprint of the hoist

    Arched loop spreader bar

    The spreader bar is arched to increase headroom with loop fitting for standard slings that are easy to apply and remove.

    Anti-swing spreader bar

    The spreader bar incorporates an anti-swing mechanism, ensuring that it will not swing and hit residents being hoisted.

    Anti-trap joints

    The mast to boom connection features a unique anti-trap joint for added safety.

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