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    Guldmann GH3 Hoist

    2nd January 2018

    Guldmann GH3 Hoist – Possibly the most advanced hoist in the world?

    This blog post covers the amazing Guldmann GH3 hoist – possibly the most advanced ceiling hoist in the world. Sometimes when you deal with a product every day, as we do with the GH3, it is easy to forget just how incredible it is, so as a reminder here’s what makes the GH3 stand out.


    The GH3 is the latest in a long line of high quality hoist units from V. Guldmann A/S. It was designed in conjunction with a respected Scandinavian architect C.F Moller & Co, with a brief to design a hoist fit for the 21st Century. The modern lines of the GH3 are a testament to the designers vision and foresight – it blends seamlessly into any environment, removing visual distraction, and reminders to the user, of their need for the equipment.

    The GH3 white finish is also easy to clean and maintain – a must for high intensity areas such as hospitals and nursing homes. The square design with round corners replicates modern phone design for an up to date look. Underneath there is only one light so that users do not get confused and the emergency cord is intuitive to operate.

    The handset has a unique hook on the back, enabling it to be held in the operator’s hands whilst the hoist is in use and when not i use it clips onto the spreader bar fr safe keeping – pure genius.


    The constant charge system on the GH3 means that wherever you leave the hoist on the track, it charges – simple! Not only does this mean you will never come to a hoist with a flat battery again but you also save staff time – they do not have to remember to charge it after use. Over school holidays the hoist charges itself as required, reducing maintenance and breakdowns.

    The Guldmann GH3 also has high quality, latest generation NiMh batteries – with an expected lifespan of over 20,000 lifts they last longer than any comparable hoist battery.

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    The GH3 is the fastest hoist on the market, and without weight the GH3 lifts 3 times as fast, once the carer has finished hoisting, the hoist can be quickly moved safely out of the way. This saves time, and, as we all know, time is money. Start saving money every time you hoist.

    Not only that but via the software application, lifting speed can be changed, the turbo can be removed enabling you to programme the hoist for your specific requirements.


    The Guldmann GH3 hoist packs a real punch when lifting. As standard the Safe Working Load (SWL) is 200kg, this can be uprated to 250, 300, 350 or even 500kg. With a rapidly increasing bariatric population, the GH3 is today’s answer to tomorrow’s challenges.


    Looking for more from your hoist? The GH3 has extra modules to help you monitor the use of the hoist and stay compliant.

    • Scale module integrates scales in the hoists so that you can weigh every time you hoist
    • CLM module records usage of the hoist to allow you to ensure staff are using the hoist, monitor usage  levels and records abnormalities
    • The service module enable you to keep track of service dates, ensure your hoist is compliant and never miss a service date again.

    Find out how you can benefit from the GH3 hoist

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