Have you considered using a detachable ceiling hoist – maybe you should

Ever wondered why you need a ceiling hoist in every room?

Just think about a 60 bed care home, or hospital, or rehabilitation centre. At any one time they may have only 5,8, 10 maybe even 12 nursing teams on duty. If they have a ceiling hoist in every room, that means that at any one time only a small percentage of these assets is being used. And in the day we live in that is not acceptable – budgets are tight, expectations are high, every asset needs to sweat.

There is however a solution – you can enjoy all the benefits of a ceiling hoist (time savings, better patient safety, increased comfort) in every room, without a ceiling hoist in every room.

Introducing the GH1F Flexible hoist – a detachable ceiling hoist that quickly and safely attaches and detaches from the track with no need for manual handling. It even comes with its own trolley for safe transport around the building!

The GH1F has a SWL of either 205 or 255kg (31.5 or 40 stone respectively) and has many safety features as standard. It is impossible for staff to connect incorrectly, it will not lift unless safely attached, and there are also audible and visual warning systems. It is fitted with the latest Ni-Cad batteries for longevity, and has an extra wide lift tape as standard.

Check out the GH1F ceiling hoist by clicking on this link.

View a short video explaining how the GH1F works.