Specialist Patient Handling Equipment

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Specialist Patient Handling Equipment

Providing specialist healthcare equipment since 1988

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Helping you deliver better healthcare

At Multicare our goal is to help you deliver better healthcare. Healthcare providers in the 21st Century are under pressure like never before. Increased scrutiny, reducing budgets and a constant pressure to improve combine to create unique challenges. How to return a profit, yet not put profit before safety, how to maintain real care standards whilst keeping detailed records. At Multicare we are here to help you - help you comply, help you care, help you create a special environment for your residents.

Contact us today - Let us help you deliver better healthcare.

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Multicare work can meet requirements for special schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and much more.

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Let Multicare help you create a Changing Places toilet

Changing Places toilets are distinct from standard accessible toilets (or “disabled toilets”) – they have extra space, specialist equipment and other features such as paper towel holder, shower and privacy curtain.

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